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Publication date:21 Apr 2021

Healthy societies and healthy populations: urgent actions for healthy futures – learning from COVID-19

This is the first in a series of dialogues which will focus on bringing together participants to identify steps to build healthy futures, through multisectoral…

Publication date:29 Mar 2021

Towards the rescheduled NPT Review

The postponement of the NPT Review from April 2020 presents both challenges and opportunities for diplomacy. With international Track I and II diplomacy forced into…

Publication date:24 Mar 2021

Colombia and the United Kingdom ahead of COP26: partnering to build back better (WP1889V)

This joint UK-Colombia conference, under the umbrella of the Year of UK-Colombia 2021, will explore how the two countries can further strengthen their partnership in…

Publication date:23 Mar 2021

Cultural Heritage Protection, Development and Diplomacy: International Approaches

This Wilton Park virtual dialogue seeks to support global consensus building in recognising the intersectoral role that protecting and promoting cultural heritage has to play…

Publication date:18 Mar 2021

Post 2020 wildlife trade: current challenges and opportunities

Recent research by the Inter-governmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES, 2019) has shown that over-exploitation of natural resources is the second biggest…

Publication date:15 Mar 2021

Kenya’s Good Governance Moment: At home, regionally, and globally

Good governance is paramount for development in Kenya.  Since the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, Kenya has, and continues to, put in place…

Publication date:10 Dec 2020

Insights into Organised Crime and Migration in the Central Mediterranean (WP1857V)

Despite seeing a general fall in numbers since 2017, tens of thousands of migrants have made the dangerous crossing from North Africa to Malta and…

Publication date:10 Dec 2020

UK-Nordic collaboration on post-COVID recovery: greening future development and global economic recovery post-COVID (WP1854V1)

Event documents WP1854V1 ReportWP1854V2 Report WP1854V3 Report These are unprecedented times economically with…

Publication date:9 Dec 2020

LDC Thimphu Ambition Summit: momentum for a 1.5 degree world (WP1868V)

The earth faces an existential need for faster, deeper reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. We need to help build countries’ capacity to adapt to climate impacts,…