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Publication date:16 Dec 2013

Towards the 2015 NPT Review Conference (WP1265)

The programme for our flagship annual non-proliferation conference is now available. Highlights included an assessment of the pressure points and make or break issues as…

Publication date:4 Dec 2013

Assisting host country militaries: assessing lessons from NATO, EU and member state experience (WP1296)

What are the lessons from NATO, EU and member state training, advising, mentoring and operational support missions over the past ten years in Iraq, Afghanistan,…

Publication date:15 Sep 2013

Dual-use biology: how to balance open science with security (WP1260)

This invitation only meeting brought together a unique mix of experts to build a coherent, evidence based case for how to address security concerns raised…

Publication date:10 Jul 2013

Towards global nuclear order: deterrence, assurance and reductions (WP1211)

This conference assessed the evolving role of deterrence, assurances, and reductions in addressing the threat of nuclear weapons in the 21st century. Discussions debated the…

Publication date:10 Jul 2013

The Jubilee Dialogue
How will religion shape foreign policy in the next ten years? (WP1274)

The Jubilee Dialogues are a flagship series of debates run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office bringing together leading thinkers to discuss some of the…

Publication date:13 May 2013

Connected forces, educated minds: transformation and professional military education (WP1225)

In association with Allied Command Transformation, NATO Defence College and UK Defence Academy This two day event considered all aspects of defence education transformation through four…

Publication date:27 Feb 2013

The Nuclear Security Summit 2014: challenges and opportunities [WP1226]

This meeting will discuss the main challenges and opportunities for the third Nuclear Security Summit to be held in the Netherlands in 2014.

Publication date:17 Dec 2012

From comprehensive approach to comprehensive action: enhancing the effectiveness of the EU’s contribution to peace and security [WP1202]

This meeting identified obstacles and ways forward to turn the Comprehensive Approach into action and provide input to the EEAS/Commission Joint Communication

Publication date:10 Dec 2012

The nuclear non-proliferation regime: laying the groundwork for the 2015 Review Conference [WP1186]

Our annual conference convened in December to facilitate frank dialogue for progressing diplomatic solutions to existing challenges facing the regime and for laying the groundwork towards a successful 2015 NPT Review Conference.

Publication date:15 Oct 2012

The future of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the 2013 Review Conference [WP1178]

In partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, this two-day conference assessed the challenges to the chemical weapons prohibition regime, and promoted frank dialogue on these issues prior to the 2013 CWC review conference.