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Publication date:7 Oct 2013

Empowering people and shaping policies for resilient agriculture and food systems (WP1237)

This conference is the sixth and final in the series on ‘Global agricultural, food and land use: the international policy challenges’. Reports from the previous…

Publication date:3 Sep 2013

Consular forum: contemporary consular practice – trends and challenges (WP1258)

In an increasingly inter connected world, the needs and expectations of ‘global citizens’ have led to ever more complex demands on consular services. This Consular…

Publication date:14 Jul 2013

British German Forum
The future of Europe: relevance and effectiveness in the 21st century? (WP1231)

The 28th British German Forum discussed the changing dynamics of British and German engagement in Europe. Participants explored to what extent British and German citizens…

Publication date:10 Jul 2013

The Jubilee Dialogue
How will religion shape foreign policy in the next ten years? (WP1274)

The Jubilee Dialogues are a flagship series of debates run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office bringing together leading thinkers to discuss some of the…

Publication date:3 Jul 2013

Opportunities for growth: UK business perspectives of emerging markets [WP1250]

This intimate, off the record dinner debate, in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,  explored the importance of efficient economies and a predictable business…

Publication date:26 Jun 2013

Pathways to safe medicines: protecting patients through unified global action (WP1185)

In association with GlaxoSmithKline plc, Eli Lilly and Company, Merck & Co and Orange Healthcare   This conference examined converging and interoperable solutions that strengthen…

Publication date:26 Jun 2013

The Jubilee Dialogue
Europe and the world in 2023 (WP1264)

This discussion will bring together a small group of international experts to explore political, economic, social and environmental trends over the next ten years and…

Publication date:30 May 2013

Demographic ageing: policy implications and strategies (WP1239)

This UK-Germany dialogue is run in partnership between Wilton Park and the Bertelsmann Foundation, with support from the British Embassy in Berlin and the UK…

Publication date:30 Apr 2013

Realising the potential of the internet to deliver global development and prosperity (WP1255)

This roundtable meeting provided an expert forum for up to 60 people including senior government officials, industry, NGOs, academics and other experts from a range…

Publication date:15 Apr 2013

How to create resilient agricultural systems in a world of increasing resource scarcity and climate change (WP1229)

In association with University of Exeter and with support from Associated British Foods With increasing scarcity of some key resources needed for global agricultural production,…