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Publication date:20 Jan 2019

Turbocharging youth employment in Africa: a new approach (WP1658)

There is arguably no harder or more urgent global challenge in our world today than tackling youth unemployment. Current estimates are that governments need to…

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Publication date:16 Jan 2019

Tackling corruption: making progress, learning lessons and building capacity (WP1654)

In September 2016 we organised an event in partnership with Transparency International (TI) and other NGOs to look ahead at implementation of anti-corruption commitments countries…

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Publication date:14 Jan 2019

Re-energising the narrative: human rights in the digital age (WP1655)

The theme of the event, the 14th in the annual human rights series, was the over-arching concern of human rights under threat with a specific…

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Publication date:8 Jan 2019

Shaping the conditions for a political settlement in Afghanistan (WP1596)

Afghanistan has faced close to four decades of conflict. Today, the Afghan government, with support from its international partners, continues to fight a resilient Taliban…

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Publication date:16 Dec 2018

Navigating Pacific futures: climate change and resilience (WP1631)

Pacific Island countries are uniquely affected by climate change. This high-level dialogue placed an international spotlight on Pacific priorities and concerns, and on the Pacific’s…

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Publication date:10 Dec 2018

The nuclear non-proliferation regime towards the 2020 NPT Review Conference (WP1633)

The 23rd Wilton Park nuclear non-proliferation conference assessed the challenges and opportunities for NPT diplomacy and processes but also the wider global regime. What are…

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Publication date:5 Dec 2018

Promoting freedom of religion or belief – what is the role of education? (WP1662)

Freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) is a human right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, in many parts of the world,…

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Publication date:25 Nov 2018

Gender dynamics in violent extremism (WP1630)

Violent extremist groups, armed with modern technologies, have changed the face of global conflicts. They are exploiting today’s global connectedness to move information, money, fighters…

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Publication date:12 Nov 2018

Protecting vulnerable religious minorities in conflict and crisis settings (WP1641)

This dialogue discussed how the delivery of humanitarian and development aid, underpinned by the rule of law and international norms, can better address the complex…

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Publication date:8 Nov 2018

Women MPs of the World Conference (WP1648)

This historic one-day event in the House of Commons in the centenary year of women’s suffrage in the UK brought together women Members of Parliament…

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