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Publication date:17 Dec 2012

From comprehensive approach to comprehensive action: enhancing the effectiveness of the EU’s contribution to peace and security [WP1202]

This meeting identified obstacles and ways forward to turn the Comprehensive Approach into action and provide input to the EEAS/Commission Joint Communication

Publication date:10 Dec 2012

The nuclear non-proliferation regime: laying the groundwork for the 2015 Review Conference [WP1186]

Our annual conference convened in December to facilitate frank dialogue for progressing diplomatic solutions to existing challenges facing the regime and for laying the groundwork towards a successful 2015 NPT Review Conference.

Publication date:15 Oct 2012

The future of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the 2013 Review Conference [WP1178]

In partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, this two-day conference assessed the challenges to the chemical weapons prohibition regime, and promoted frank dialogue on these issues prior to the 2013 CWC review conference.

Publication date:1 Oct 2012

NATO partnerships in a shifting strategic landscape [WP1192]

NATO is seeking to use its partnership initiatives on behalf of a range of objectives that support cooperative security, one of the three core missions set out in its 2010 Strategic Concept.

Publication date:2 Sep 2012

Global constituencies in the NPT regime: how to build consensus for 2015? [WP1188]

The NPT is a truly global regime, with the consequence that the same geopolitical constituencies operate within it that also feature on the global stage: developing states, the West and its allies, the Non-Aligned Movement, the groups that coalesce within regions, and so on.

Publication date:20 Jun 2012

Deterrence, assurance and reductions: rebalancing the nuclear order [WP1175]

Following relevant discussions at the 2012 NPT PrepCom and 2012 Chicago G8/NATO Summit, this timely conference assessed the role of nuclear deterrence in the NATO alliance.

Publication date:29 Mar 2012

The Australia Group: challenges and future directions [WP1143]

In association with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London; The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Ottawa; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague   26 years after…

Publication date:3 Oct 2011

Nuclear non-proliferation: bridging the North-South divide [WP1098]

In association with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Various negotiating blocs or political groupings, both formal and informal, operate within the broader nuclear non-proliferation regime…

Publication date:12 Sep 2011

Re-engineering the transatlantic security and defence relationship [WP1129]

In association with NATO. With the transatlantic security and defence relationship at low ebb even before the Libya imbroglio,  this timely meeting looked at the…

Publication date:11 Sep 2011

The Biological and Toxin Weapon Convention Review [WP1124]

This was an invitation only meeting concerning the forthcoming BTWC Review.