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Publication date:25 Mar 2013

Inaugural Jubilee Dialogue
Arab Spring two years on (WP1253)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is committed to leading dialogue and debate on the key issues shaping the world. ‘The Jubilee Dialogues’ are a…

Publication date:20 Mar 2013

Delivering sustainable economic development in resource rich nations: beyond the EITI and international extractive industry transparency legislation [WP1213]

In October 2011, the European Commission proposed that EU-listed and large unlisted extractive companies should publicly disclose their revenue payments to governments worldwide

Publication date:13 Feb 2013

Freedom of expression online: identifying and addressing challenges and developing a shared vision and a working partnership [WP1216]

In support of Her Majesty's Government priorities with regard to freedom of expression on the internet, the roundtable strategy meeting will provide an expert forum for practical discussion.

Publication date:23 Jan 2013

Building public and private sector consensus on effective measures to combat international money laundering activities [WP1242]

This roundtable meeting will examine whether the current international architecture for reporting and prosecuting money laundering activity is delivering on the intended outcomes.

Publication date:14 Jan 2013

Resources: trends and future challenges for states and regions – towards 2030 [WP1218]

Building on the scope of HMG policy planning and on previous 'Futures' conferences, this high level meeting will bring together policy planners and strategists from governments, academia and industry to consider global trends, challenges and opportunities over the next 15-20 years. Themes will be drawn from the National Intelligence Council’s ‘Global Trends 2030’ report.

Publication date:16 Dec 2012

Towards prosperity: implications and opportunities of the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China [WP1196]

This meeting, run in partnership between Wilton Park and the Central Party School of China, discussed China’s Priorities after the 18th Party Congress, that will confirm China’s leadership for the next decade.

Publication date:24 Oct 2012

Economic recovery and Europe 2020: towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth [WP1207]

The conference moved the debate forward on Europe’s economic prospects and examined progress on implementing the Europe 2020 strategy for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” in the context of political changes and the continuing impact of the financial crisis.

Publication date:15 Jul 2012

British German Forum
Europe’s place in a challenging world [WP1155]

The 27th British German Forum considered how Europe can retain influence in a rapidly changing, and challenging, world, shaped by the rise of ‘emerging powers,’ economic crises and political uncertainties.

Publication date:11 Jul 2012

The economy of the Maghreb: a motor for regional prosperity and integration [WP1107]

In association with British Embassies in the Maghreb; Foreign and Commonwealth Office with support from Shell and Unilever   This conference addressed ways of developing…

Publication date:19 Mar 2012

Financial regulation in the European Union: the impact on the economy and financial services sector [WP1099]

A meeting on financial regulation as a key element in solving the Euro crisis and the second in our global financial regulation roundtable series with