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Publication date:10 Apr 2019

Next generation African peacebuilding: new voices, perspectives and approaches (WP1676)

This conference is the fifth in an annual Wilton Park series on peacebuilding in Africa that started in 2015 held in partnership with the African…

Publication date:8 Apr 2019

Digital interference in democratic processes: use and misuse of personal data (WP1682)

Against a backdrop of concerns over recent election processes and referenda and in the run up to the 2019 EU elections, this expert roundtable will…

Publication date:18 Mar 2019

The Alternative Africa Climate Week: 40 under 40 to build resilience (WP1686)

In light of the global threat brought by climate change, no continent will be hit as severely by the consequences than Africa. Indeed, the continent…

Publication date:13 Mar 2019

Transboundary climate risks (WP1670)

Policy responses to the risks posed by climate change are formulated largely at the national level, despite the transnational nature of many ecosystems and communities.

Publication date:6 Mar 2019

Building a stronger HIV prevention movement in Asia (WP1663)

Currently, it is estimated that approximately 5.2 million people are living with HIV in Asia, the second highest number of any region in the world.

Publication date:27 Feb 2019

Defeating meningitis by 2030 – developing a global roadmap (WP1675)

Meningitis remains a universal public health challenge in countries around the world – cases and outbreaks are highly dreaded. The global number of deaths due…

Publication date:25 Feb 2019

Sexual violence in conflict: delivering justice for survivors and holding perpetrators to account (WP1651)

Challenges within the rules-based international system highlight the need to strengthen justice and accountability for conflict-related sexual violence, putting survivors at the centre – one…

Publication date:13 Feb 2019

Managing future global challenges: the role of emerging powers (WP1660)

This was the 12th annual meeting in our International Futures series. It explored the future of global challenges ranging from security and conflict to trade…

Publication date:6 Feb 2019

Commonwealth Dialogue: Countering diversion of SALW and their ammunition (WP1632)

The effective control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and their ammunition is a goal that unites countries across the Commonwealth, due to the…

Publication date:23 Jan 2019

Addressing illicit trafficking and access to firearms in the context of organised crime and terrorism – towards a new paradigm (WP1671)

The illicit trafficking in firearms, their parts and components and ammunition represents a serious threat to peace and security, and an obstacle to the achievement…