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Publication date:11 Jul 2011

British German Forum 2011
Delivering a secure and prosperous future in a fast changing world [WP1095]

Shifting powers, changing environments, global threats and domestic uncertainties – how can the world, as it emerges from a difficult decade, begin to move towards…

Publication date:1 Jul 2011

The Big Society and Europe [WP1118]

This meeting was run in partnership with public policy think tank ResPublica, to explore issues raised in the context of the…

Publication date:15 Jun 2011

New energy frontiers: what role for hydrocarbons in global energy security? [WP1111]

Context and aims Whilst many governments and energy companies increase the development and use of renewable energy as part of a move towards a low…

Publication date:13 Apr 2011

Powering Africa: helping energy infrastructure investment deliver growth and connectivity [WP1105]

The past decade has seen sustained growth across the African continent. Investment interest by the private sector is intensifying. However, an extensive lack of infrastructure,…

Publication date:11 Apr 2011

Global food and agriculture: policy options in response to increased volatility [WP1081]

Future food price volatility was identified in the recently published UK Foresight Report (Foresight: The Future of Food and Farming, 2011) as one of the…

Publication date:20 Mar 2011

Wilton Park dialogues with Russia – a new prosperity: aspiration, innovation, participation [WP1086]

This conference focused on President Medvedev’s modernisation agenda for Russia and on efforts by the UK and others to contribute to its success.  It examined…

Publication date:4 Feb 2011

Prospects for the EU financial perspective in an age of austerity [WP1089]

We discussed:  How large should the EU Financial Perspective be in the future? Is its expenditure fit to meet 21 st century challenges?…

Publication date:18 Nov 2010

Future of the UN development system [WP1033]

This conference discussed the following: Do the 30 agencies and organisations of the UN development system still give value for money in the new development…

Publication date:4 Nov 2010

Dialogue with China: towards ‘harmonious society’ governance, participation and social cohesion [WP1055]

This conference took place in the run-up to the imminent China visit by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and launched a series of multi-faceted…

Publication date:1 Nov 2010

Japan: increasing its global role? [WP1063]

This conference discussed the following: How are Japan’s international priorities developing after a year under the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) government? Does Japan want…