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Publication date:3 Sep 2013

Consular forum: contemporary consular practice – trends and challenges (WP1258)

In an increasingly inter connected world, the needs and expectations of ‘global citizens’ have led to ever more complex demands on consular services. This Consular…

Publication date:10 Jul 2013

The Jubilee Dialogue
How will religion shape foreign policy in the next ten years? (WP1274)

The Jubilee Dialogues are a flagship series of debates run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office bringing together leading thinkers to discuss some of the…

Publication date:25 Mar 2013

The Western Balkans and EU enlargement: ensuring progress on the rule of law (WP1217)

This conference assessed the effectiveness of EU rule of law assistance to the region; how to implement change on the ground; and building institutions to…

Publication date:25 Mar 2013

Inaugural Jubilee Dialogue
Arab Spring two years on (WP1253)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is committed to leading dialogue and debate on the key issues shaping the world. ‘The Jubilee Dialogues’ are a…

Publication date:18 Mar 2013

Women in peacebuilding (WP1191)

In support of the United Nations Secretary General’s seven point action plan on Women’s Participation in Peace building and Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security, the conference aims to provide an expert forum.

Publication date:13 Feb 2013

Freedom of expression online: identifying and addressing challenges and developing a shared vision and a working partnership [WP1216]

In support of Her Majesty's Government priorities with regard to freedom of expression on the internet, the roundtable strategy meeting will provide an expert forum for practical discussion.

Publication date:17 Jan 2013

Integrating transitional justice, security and development [WP1219]

In association with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Publication date:3 Dec 2012

Combating intolerance and promoting freedom of religion or belief for all: working on UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 [WP1187]

There is increased awareness that across the globe individuals are unable to exercise their right to the freedom of religion or belief and are discriminated against or persecuted because of their religion or belief.

Publication date:12 Nov 2012

Preventing sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict situations [WP1199]

As part of this initiative, in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we hosted this high-level meeting at which the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, gave a keynote address.

Publication date:15 Oct 2012

The Big Bang and the interfaces of knowledge: towards a common language? [WP1180]

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for explaining the genesis of the universe. To date it has the wide support of the scientific community because if offers the most accurate and comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observations. It leads to a dating of the universe as 13.7 billion years old.