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Publication date:27 Jun 2018

Artificial intelligence and global health (WP1626)

  This was the third meeting in our Technology, Innovation and Global Health Series. This meeting provided the opportunity for an exploration of…

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Publication date:20 Jun 2018

Adapting deterrence strategies to a changing security environment (WP1610)

The meeting discussed: How are the US and its allies adapting their deterrence strategies to the evolving security environment? Are they converging or diverging? Is…

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Publication date:13 Jun 2018

Tackling illegal wildlife trade (IWT): strengthening transnational cooperation (WP1607)

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) highlights illegal trade in wildlife as the fourth most lucrative transnational crime after drugs, arms, and human trafficking, estimated…

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Publication date:4 Jun 2018

Sharing experiences and building capacity in the Caribbean: The Fair Administration of Justice and the UN Convention against Torture (WP1618)

This regional workshop, being convened in partnership with the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI), supported Caribbean States in overcoming some of the technical and capacity…

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Publication date:30 May 2018

Caribbean2030 Leaders Network 4: Influencing change for good governance and resilience (WP1601)

The Caribbean2030 Leaders’ Network was born out of a group of new Caribbean leaders to build an entrepreneurial spirit of collaboration across the region. Self-dubbed…

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Publication date:16 May 2018

A mine-free world: challenges and opportunities in realising the 2025 aspiration (WP1616)

The specific focus of our dialogue was how to get better engagement and coordination between donor states and operating agencies, both humanitarian and commercial. We…

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Publication date:29 Apr 2018

The neurobiology of PTSD: a challenge to be met (WP1591)

According to the World Health Organization, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in…

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Publication date:25 Apr 2018

Revisiting independence, objectivity, and the critically reflective role of evaluation for the SDG era (WP1600)

The purpose of this dialogue was to enable a high level, practical but informal debate, addressing conceptual and practical issues arising from the intersections of…

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Publication date:19 Mar 2018

The future of global peacebuilding: Africa (WP1552)

This meeting was the fourth and final in a series entitled African perspectives on peacebuilding held in partnership with the African Peacebuilding Network of the…

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Publication date:13 Mar 2018

Skills for jobs: maximising potential in Asia (WP1584)

This dialogue provided thought-leadership on how best to improve technical and vocational education and training (TVET) standards in Asia, focusing on ASEAN countries. Developing the…

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