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Publication date:27 Jun 2012

Business and human rights: implementing the Guiding Principles one year on [WP1172]

At its session in June 2011 the United Nations Human Rights Council unanimously adopted Guiding Principles for the implementation of the ‘Protect, Respect, Remedy’ framework on business and human rights proposed by UN Special Representative John Ruggie.

Publication date:11 Jun 2012

Delivering a well-managed and effective UN: building international consensus [WP1184]

Following publication of the UN Secretary General's Five-Year Action Agenda, in which Ban Ki Moon identified the need for a stronger UN, this conference sought to build on international momentum for management change and innovation, identifying concrete ways to strengthen the UN's effectiveness and efficiency.

Publication date:30 Jan 2012

Countering piracy: what are the rights and obligations of states and private security providers? [WP1150]

Public international law applicable to counter-piracy operations by states is complex and fragmented. In addition, private security service providers are increasingly being used for the…

Publication date:26 Jan 2012

Peaceful protest: a cornerstone of democracy – how to address the challenges? [WP1154]

This conference constituted the eighth in a series of annual human rights meetings sponsored by the Norwegian and Swiss Governments, and brought together human rights…

Publication date:17 Nov 2011

2020 Vision for the European Court of Human Rights [WP1139]

In association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Justice, London   Discussions at two recent high level meetings on reform of…

Publication date:24 Oct 2011

Religion, change and development [WP1123]

Taking its starting premise that faith is a reality in the development context which must be addressed, this two day residential meeting aimed to examine how…

Publication date:12 Oct 2011

Putting the power in soft power? [WP1117]

Recent events in the Middle East have focused attention on the potency of civil society, the impact of citizen led media in affecting change and…

Publication date:3 Jul 2011

Promoting religious freedom around the world [WP1108]

A meeting to identify new ways of supporting religious communities under threat across the world. We looked at how the international community can strengthen its…

Publication date:16 May 2011

Media, social media and democratic governance [WP1110]

A strong body of evidence points to the fundamental impact media has on democratic processes and outcomes. The increasing speed of news cycles and explosion…

Publication date:9 Mar 2011

e-Government: better services, better democracy? [WP1104]

The rapid development of new digital communication technologies and equally rapid acceptance of the internet by citizens in their social and professional lives creates huge…