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Publication date:30 Apr 2013

Realising the potential of the internet to deliver global development and prosperity (WP1255)

This roundtable meeting provided an expert forum for up to 60 people including senior government officials, industry, NGOs, academics and other experts from a range…

Publication date:15 Apr 2013

How to create resilient agricultural systems in a world of increasing resource scarcity and climate change (WP1229)

In association with University of Exeter and with support from Associated British Foods With increasing scarcity of some key resources needed for global agricultural production,…

Publication date:25 Mar 2013

Inaugural Jubilee Dialogue
Arab Spring two years on (WP1253)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is committed to leading dialogue and debate on the key issues shaping the world. ‘The Jubilee Dialogues’ are a…

Publication date:20 Mar 2013

Delivering sustainable economic development in resource rich nations: beyond the EITI and international extractive industry transparency legislation [WP1213]

In October 2011, the European Commission proposed that EU-listed and large unlisted extractive companies should publicly disclose their revenue payments to governments worldwide

Publication date:7 Mar 2013

British-German Environment Forum: energy policy for the 2050s [WP1212]

What will be the preferred source of fuel in Europe by 2050? Great Britain and Germany have taken very different roads to achieving energy security while reducing carbon emissions. Where can Britain and Germany cooperate on these two shared priorities?

Publication date:19 Feb 2013

Evaluation lessons from development assistance to Afghanistan [WP1223]

International assistance to Afghanistan comes from over 50 development partners, and the overall volume of civilian aid to Afghanistan from 2002-2011 has exceeded $57 billion.

Publication date:28 Jan 2013

Building global resilience to natural hazards: translating science into action [WP1197]

The workshop is the first in a series initiated by the Science and Innovation Network (SIN) of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Publication date:14 Jan 2013

Resources: trends and future challenges for states and regions – towards 2030 [WP1218]

Building on the scope of HMG policy planning and on previous 'Futures' conferences, this high level meeting will bring together policy planners and strategists from governments, academia and industry to consider global trends, challenges and opportunities over the next 15-20 years. Themes will be drawn from the National Intelligence Council’s ‘Global Trends 2030’ report.

Publication date:12 Dec 2012

Disaster risk reduction in Asia: identifying and maximising opportunities for action [WP1125]

Replicating our successful roundtable dialogue in flood stricken Bangkok, we asked the questions below. How should Asia develop its approaches for reducing the risk from…

Publication date:17 Oct 2012

Global food security: the role of science and technology [WP1189]

This conference on the impact of science and technology on global agriculture and farm systems is the fourth in a series on ‘Agriculture, food and land use: the international policy challenges’ which we have run over three years in association with the University of Exeter.