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Governing Health Futures Series

Wilton Park has been working with The Lancet & Financial Times Commission Governing health futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world, on a series of dialogues looking at equitable health and health futures, with a view to identifying governance pathways to meet global public needs and shape attitudes toward equity, democracy, and solidarity. The Commission is charged with developing a vision for governance of health futures, as they are shaped by digital health technologies and AI applications, with emphasis on low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The work is specifically concerned with improving the health and well-being for children and young people and supporting the attainment of universal health coverage (UHC).  

Click here to find out more about the individual dialogues held to date:

Lancet and Financial Times Commission on Governing Health Futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world.
Report Recommendations and Next Steps
Friday 4 February 2022 | WP2033V

Governing Health Futures 2030 Youth Consultations: What do youth want to see in the future of health governance?
Thursday 18 February 2021 | WP1882V

Equitable health futures in AI 
Monday 19 October 2020 | WP1839V  

Visioning the future: governance pathways to better health futures
Thursday 8 October 2020 | WP1786V2

Visioning the future: horizons for health and digital technologies
Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September 2020 | WP1786V1