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Supporting Sussex Exporters

How many people in Sussex realise that hidden in plain sight just outside Steyning, lies one of the world’s most prestigious international diplomatic organisations?

Join us on the 16th July for a major event.

Gardens and rear view of Wiston House

For 70 years Wiston House, the 16th century seat of the Goring family, has been home to Wilton Park, the executive agency of the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) responsible for shaping global networks to tackle common challenges.

Tom Cargill, Chief Executive at Wilton Park
Tom Cargill,
Chief Executive

Numerous government ministers, journalists, academics, business people and others from all around the world have visited Wilton Park over decades for honest, challenging conversations around some of the world’s biggest issues – whether related to trade, defence, diplomacy or international development.

We have come a long way from our roots in 1946 in the original Buckinghamshire home of Wilton Park, when we were established by Anglo-German academic Heinz Koeppler as part of the UK’s efforts to help German prisoners of war, and gradually a generation of influential Germans, consider the needs and challenges of building a liberal and democratic Germany after the tragedy of Nazism. For 75 years Wilton Park has been steadily expanding our work to bring rational, honest dialogue to bear on challenges such as the future of international development, how to defend and promote free and fair global trade, and how to tackle climate change.

Through this time Wilton Park has played a vital role in the economic and social life of the local area, not least because many young couples have been fortunate enough to be married amidst our beautiful buildings and gardens. However, in our 75th year, we want to take the opportunity to deepen our contribution to and links with the communities we have long worked alongside across Sussex.

Rejoining the Sussex Chamber of Commerce is just one crucial step in what we hope will become a growing partnership with local businesses, government bodies, civil society organisations, schools and other groups. I see absolutely no conflict between our local, national and global roles, in fact quite the reverse. Many businesses increasingly understand just how important it is to celebrate your roots and pedigree in order to differentiate and build credibility into your brand. It’s not just an instrument for success though. Wilton Park owes its existence not only to UK taxpayers, the FCDO and partners around the world, but also to our local community, suppliers and staff, without whom we could not function.

So, as we plan for the next 75 years, Wilton Park is investigating different ways we can partner locally and be more widely recognised as a valued corporate citizen. One early initiative we are pursuing is SussExport – a day long event to celebrate, profile and support exporters across Sussex. Hosted at our Steyning home on 16 July, and with kind support from our local MP Andrew Griffith and senior participation from the Department for International Trade, SussExport will combine advice on how and where to export more, with presentations and experiences from some of the regions’ leading brands.

Sussex is home to some incredible brands, services and products – whether champagne beating sparkling wines from the likes of the Wiston Estate or cutting edge advanced marine engineering and technology provided by PSM Instrumentation. Businesses big and small have strained every sinew to get through the pandemic, and as vaccination advances and restrictions ease, we will all have to be ready and prepared to get out and make the most of the opportunities to do business, both in this country and around the world. We hope SussExport will provide something of a starting gun and kickstart to these efforts, combining regional focus with practical support and help businesses build back better.

There are still a number of special opportunities to secure particular profile and roles for organisations wishing to sponsor, but we want this to be an opportunity to profile the very best of Sussex exporting capability so keen to welcome applications to attend at all levels from companies eager to profile and boost their exporting expertise. So please do get in touch, and all of us at Wilton Park very much look forward to further deepening our Sussex links, providing a global platform for local expertise and talent.

Contact us to find out more:
T: +44 (0) 1903 817743 M: +44 (0) 7388 994647

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