William Hague oversees signing of partnership agreement with Brazil

News - 18 February, 2014

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today by Ambassador Sérgio Eduardo Moreira Lima, President of The Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão of the Federative Republic of Brazil (FUNAG), and Wilton Park, represented by the British Ambassador to Brazil, Alex Ellis. The MoU launches a joint agreement for establishing a long term relationship between Wilton Park […]

Reflections on World Water Day

News - 22 March, 2013

The 20th World Water day provides important opportunity to focus on the need for greater cooperation and management of water resources. Today is the 20th World Water Day. Water is, by its nature, a resource that must be addressed internationally; withdrawal and use in one country will directly impact supplies in another. An international response […]

Soft power focus takes us to Brazil

News - 13 March, 2013

Brazilian Minister for Culture, Marta Suplicy, was the keynote speaker opening the round table in Sao Paulo. Her broad ranging speech covered the diversity of Brazilian culture,  her desire to increase the access to culture for ‘the people’, and the need to broaden awareness of Brazil beyond football and carnival. She acknowledged that Brazil has […]