World Cup victory sets UK and German ‘high fliers’ in high spirits for a successful 29th British German Forum

News - 21 July, 2014

Wilton Park’s 29th British German Forum convened 50 ‘high fliers’ from Germany and Britain, aged between 25 and 35 to discuss ‘A smarter Europe: cooperation, competition and innovation in the 2020s.’ British German Forum 2014 A smarter Europe: cooperation, competition and innovation in the 2020s Sunday 13 July – Thursday 17 July 2014 (WP1320) Chaired […]

The British German Forum 2013 The European Union: EUseful or EUseless?

News - 22 July, 2013

Three and a half days’ excellent discussion threw into sharper relief the strength of the British-German bilateral relationship and highlighted the common concerns and interests that Britain and Germany share in the European project. British German Forum The future of Europe: relevance and effectiveness in the 21st century? Sunday 14 – Thursday 18 July 2013 […]

Young British and German high-flyers discuss the future of Europe at British-German Forum

News - 15 July, 2013

Gary Wilton, Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the EU and Canon of the Pro-Cathedral of Holy Trinity writes: The 28th British German Forum discusses the changing dynamics of British and German engagement in Europe. Participants explore to what extent British and German citizens might view the European ‘project’ differently and how they foresee its future. British-German […]

Cast aside despondency – two reasons to celebrate 2012

News - 5 January, 2012

Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes: I have been struck by how unremittingly morose most New Year blogs and messages have been. Even good news has been tempered. It is as if we feel too guilty to look forward with joy. So this brief post bucks the trend. I want to talk about two events without […]