The history of Wilton Park and the Human Rights Council

News - 9 September, 2014

The Human Rights Council (HRC) is currently holding its twenty-seventh regular session, which runs from 8 to 26 September 2014. Our meetings have contributed towards the creation of the HRC, and we continue to hold regular discussions on topical human rights issues. In February 2004 we held an informal meeting on Addressing contemporary security threats: […]

Highlights from 2012

News - 19 December, 2012

Over the past 12 months, we have held events in a number of overseas locations as well as here at Wiston House in Sussex. In this summary, we look back at some of those discussions.  The 2012 programme has been extremely busy facilitating over 50 conferences and meetings. Most of these have been held at […]

Government and other stakeholders from Burma/Myanmar discuss responsible investment

News - 30 November, 2012

Burma/Myanmar is undergoing rapid change and foreign investors are keen to explore opportunities. The UN’s Guiding Principles on business and human rights provide a framework for companies to operate consistent with human rights standards. Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 November 2012 Burma/Myanmar, business and human rights – setting standards for responsible business (WP1195) In the […]