Breaking the corruption chain

News - 9 December, 2015

International Anti-Corruption Day It is the opponent of the 2013 Lough Erne legacy, the buzzword of international footballing scandals, and a plague to the successful functioning of society worldwide: corruption. The concept itself is notoriously difficult to define; there does not seem to be any one example of corruption, but there are certainly a variety […]

International Day of Democracy

News - 15 September, 2015

Today marks the International Day of Democracy. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007 (A/62/7), the International Day of Democracy aims to encourage governments to strengthen their commitment to the promotion and consolidation of democratic values. This year’s initiative focuses on the role civil society plays within a successful democracy. The theme of […]

International Day of Democracy

News - 15 September, 2014

Today marks the International Day of Democracy. An event piloted by the United Nations which aims to promote democratic values worldwide. This year’s initiative is focused on the need to engage young people in the democratic process. Since its establishment in 2007 by the General Assembly, the International Day of Democracy has aimed to promote […]

FCO Human Rights report

News - 13 May, 2014

Last month the Foreign Secretary launched the 2013 Human Rights report, which set out the steps taken by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office last year to promote and protect human rights. The FCO Human Rights report provides an overview of its activity in 2013, along with its diplomatic network, to defend human rights and promote […]

World Press Freedom Day 2014: advancing the development agenda

News - 2 May, 2014

World Press Freedom day is an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles of freedom of the press, raise awareness around violations of press freedom and encourage steps which work towards press freedom across the world. World Press Freedom Day 2014 on 3rd May draws the discussion into the realm of development, focusing on the role […]

In the midst of history in South Africa

News - 11 December, 2013

A conference on scaling up the ‘treatment as prevention’ model of combatting HIV and AIDS took us to Cape Town during an historic period for South Africa. Scaling up HIV/AIDS treatment as prevention: Southern Africa and beyond Wednesday 11 – Friday 15 December (WP1254) We convened a meeting in Cape Town mid December to discuss […]

Partnership agreement signed with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

News - 11 September, 2012

At our first conference held in Indonesia, we signed an agreement with the Centre for Policy Analysis and Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work together in convening international discussion events. Indonesia’s economic development: contributing to a sustainable growth pattern Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 September 2012 (WP1152) Indonesian policy makers and […]

High expectations in the wake of the Arab democratic wave

News - 2 August, 2012

In the wake of the Arab democratic wave expectations are high – young people in particular are calling for employment opportunities in the context of more open and effective societies – politicians must be seen to respond quickly. At two recent conferences we addressed these issues – the first looked at the Impact and challenges of […]

The quiet fights

News - 16 September, 2011

This week we celebrated the International Day of Democracy. It is a day which cannot be ignored or forgotten, not least because of the current international climate and recent events such as the Arab Spring, and not forgetting, the quiet fights; every-day battles that go on in the name of democracy – unpublished and unpublicised. […]