UK Energy Minister Charles Hendry to speak on security of gas supply

News - 5 December, 2011

Ensuring security of gas supply at reasonable prices has become a major preoccupation for the EU. Our meeting will assess current  policies from both supplier and consumer country perspectives, and what new initiatives may be needed. UK Energy Minister Charles Hendry will open the meeting with an important statement on the role of gas in […]

Gearing ourselves up

News - 26 August, 2011

  Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes: This has been an interesting summer around the world; many people engaged in foreign affairs wonder if they have had a break at all. At Wilton Park, we do not run any events in August. This summer month enables us to put our head above the fray catch up […]

New energy: future for unconventional hydrocarbons

News - 1 July, 2011

Unconventional hydrocarbons are expected to play a growing role in global energy security over the next few decades as part of the new energy mix.  Discussed at our recent ‘New energy frontiers’ meeting, several key points emerged.   New energy frontiers: what role for hydro-carbons in global energy security? Wednesday 15 – Friday 17 June […]

Shale gas and oil sands: the energy sources of the coming decades?

News - 31 May, 2011

An opportunity to discuss the future of shale gas, oil sands, coal bed methane and shale oil; the economics, environmental issues surrounding their extraction and use, including carbon emissions, and the implications for global energy security.   New energy frontiers: what role for hydro-carbons in global energy security? Wednesday 15 – Friday 17 June 2011 […]

Nominations now open for British German forum ‘leaders of the future’ (aged 25-35 years)

News - 17 March, 2011

This annual conference looks at how Britain and Germany deliver on their promises in an uncertain world, exploring the current and future drivers of global and regional change.   British Germanforum 2011: delivering a secure and prosperous future in a fast changing world Monday 11 – Friday 15 July 2011 (WP1095) The 2011 British German […]

Global conflict – trends examined to forecast drivers of unrest

News - 15 March, 2011

Shifts in demographics, climate and economy will be amongst the main drivers of future conflict. Challenges include access to the ‘global commons’ of space, maritime and cyber, WMD proliferation and transnational crime. Global conflict – future trends and challenges: towards 2030 Monday 28 February – Wednesday 2 March 2011 (WP1073) Future opportunities include breakthroughs in […]

An EU budget fit for the 21st century?

News - 9 February, 2011

  Stephen Tindale, Associate Fellow, Centre for European Reform, writes: The future of the EU Budget is now under serious discussion in Brussels and member states capitals.  The Budget is not significant in macroeconomic terms only just over 1% of EU gross national income.  But it is highly politically significant; it always has been and […]