Breaking the cycle of rural poverty

News - 16 October, 2015

In light of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and World Food Day 2015: breaking the cycle of rural poverty we look back to our significant Global food agriculture and land use series and ahead to our next potential series on agriculture. Looking back 6 conferences 3 years 170 participants 100 speakers and facilitators 39 […]

World Environment Day 2015

News - 5 June, 2015

This year’s theme is ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care’ aiming to target the increasing levels of consumption across the globe which fuel the exponential expansion of extractive industries and pollution from energy production. The current level of demand for natural resources is unsustainable and the insatiable appetite to extract fossil fuels and […]

Global food, agriculture and land use: sharing insights from our series

News - 4 February, 2014

After the end of our three year, six part conference series on global food and agriculture systems, we launch a set of resources to share what we learned. What challenges are facing global food systems? How can global food production be made more efficient? What can be done to eradicate hunger and improve nutrition? How […]

World Humanitarian Day 2013

News - 19 August, 2013

Today is World Humanitarian Day – the fourth such day since the date was designated as such in 2009. The day commemorates the lives of humanitarian personnel killed whilst working to help those in need. The 19 August was chosen to immortalise the sacrifice of UN staff who lost their lives in the bombing of […]

Food adventurer, Stefan Gates surprises conference participants with unusual gastronomic delights

News - 23 April, 2013

Stefan Gates provided a thought provoking contribution to our recent conference on global agriculture, food and land use, surprising the participants with a selection of unusual dishes which have the potential to provide sustenance to many. Global agriculture, food and land use: how to create resilient agricultural systems in a world of increasing resource scarcity […]

Reflections on World Water Day

News - 22 March, 2013

The 20th World Water day provides important opportunity to focus on the need for greater cooperation and management of water resources. Today is the 20th World Water Day. Water is, by its nature, a resource that must be addressed internationally; withdrawal and use in one country will directly impact supplies in another. An international response […]

Climate and resource security: recommendations for real policy action

News - 30 March, 2012

A Wilton Park event hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Lancaster House, London A dialogue for the 21st century on climate and resource security was held earlier this week, seeking to identify possible national, regional and international policy frameworks, and practical recommendations for this 21st century challenge. A climate and resource security dialogue […]

Diet and nutrition: challenges for global food, agricultural and land use policy

News - 14 March, 2012

With a billion people suffering from under nutrition and obesity respectively, how can the world’s diet be improved? This is the focus of Wilton Park’s next meeting in its series on global food, agriculture and land use. Improving diet and nutrition: challenges for global food, agricultural and land use policies Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 […]

7 billion and rising: can the world feed itself?

News - 4 November, 2011

As the world’s population reaches 7 billion can the world feed itself? We have been discussing this question through its series of conferences on Global Food, Agriculture and Land Use.   Global land use: policies for the future 26-28 September 2011 (WP1116) This highlights the challenges of balancing competition for land between food, animal feed […]