Non violent heroes

News - 11 April, 2011

  Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes: I have met two people whose lives reflect the demands and rewards of non-violence in civil resistance.  To maintain such a position in the face of physical threats, torture and imminent death demands a rare sort of courage. I do not feel that it is possible to apply this […]

Is the climate change discussion in the right place?

News - 7 February, 2011

  Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes: The military and medical professions are used to talking about preparing for and surviving cataclysmic change.  For them recovery is not necessarily a return to business as usual.  It is all about creating a workable solution for very changed circumstances from which there is not recovery, no redemption, no […]

Britain and Germany 25 years of finding emerging leaders

News - 28 January, 2011

  Robin Hart, Director for Programmes, writes: Each year Wilton Park plays a part to examine how Britain and Germany can work together in the face of shifting powers, changing environments, global threats and regional uncertainties. I have been privileged to have run the annual British German fora for the past 14 years.  Where once I […]