Unveiling the portrait of Wilton Park founder and warden, Sir Heinz Koeppler CBE

News - 14 June, 2013

The portrait of Sir Heinz was unveiled to the Wilton Park Advisory Council at their biannual meeting by our Chairman, Iain Ferguson CBE and Chief Executive Richard Burge. The painting, by Jacqueline Williams, was commissioned by the Sir Heinz Koeppler Trust, in commemoration of his centenary last year. Sir Heinz founded Wilton Park in 1946 […]

In celebration of Sir Heinz Koeppler’s 100th birthday

News - 2 July, 2012

The 100th anniversary of Wilton Park founder Heinz Koeppler’s birth was recently commemorated by the planting of a tree in his honour at Wiston House, providing an opportunity to reflect on Wilton Park’s history and origins. Heinz Koeppler was born on June 30th 1912 in the Polish territory of Posen, but grew up in Berlin, […]