Wilton Park meeting gathers world experts to focus on HIV prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa

News - 15 March, 2017

Last week, we held a three day meeting in Swakopmund on Building a stronger HIV prevention response in Sub-Saharan Africa. Namibian First Lady Monica Geingos and the Hon Dr Bernard Haufiku, Minister of Health and Social Services, were joined by HIV experts from across the region, including top government officials, leading clinicians and researchers, civil society advocates and programme implementers for the event.

Wilton Park marks the second annual UNAIDS Zero Discrimination Day

News - 1 March, 2015

Coinciding with UNAIDS Zero Discrimination Day, we are convening an event to look at the implications for screening and treatment of HIV co-infections with viral hepatitis in South East Asia. HIV co-infections with viral hepatitis: implications for screening and treatment in Asia Saturday 28 February – Monday 2 March 2015 (WP1393) On 1 March, the […]

2013: a year in review

News - 20 January, 2014

  This timeline looks back at some of the major events that took place in 2013.   February On February 4th, we opened The future of Europe conference. The conference analysed how a geometrically variable EU will develop and discussed whether European unity can be preserved in an increasingly diversified EU. …………………………………………………………………………………………. March Held in […]

In the midst of history in South Africa

News - 11 December, 2013

A conference on scaling up the ‘treatment as prevention’ model of combatting HIV and AIDS took us to Cape Town during an historic period for South Africa. Scaling up HIV/AIDS treatment as prevention: Southern Africa and beyond Wednesday 11 – Friday 15 December (WP1254) We convened a meeting in Cape Town mid December to discuss […]

World AIDS Day: scaling up HIV treatment; South Africa and beyond

News - 29 November, 2013

From 11-13 December, we will be running a conference in Cape Town on Scaling up HIV/AIDS treatment as prevention: South Africa and Beyond bringing the HIV/AIDS agenda into the spotlight. The UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2013 estimates that in 2012, 35.3 million people were living with HIV, with 2.3 million new HIV infections globally. […]

Highlights from 2012

News - 19 December, 2012

Over the past 12 months, we have held events in a number of overseas locations as well as here at Wiston House in Sussex. In this summary, we look back at some of those discussions.  The 2012 programme has been extremely busy facilitating over 50 conferences and meetings. Most of these have been held at […]

The new era in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention

News - 3 July, 2012

The prospects and implications of an exciting breakthrough in HIV /AIDS prevention and control strategies, namely treatment as prevention, were discussed at a recent Wilton Park meeting. The new era in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention: science, implementation and finance 27 – 28 June 2012 (WP1170) This high level meeting organised in partnership with Sir Richard […]

World Aids Day 2011 December 1

News - 1 December, 2011

In February 2011, we highlighted the need for increased financial backing of HIV treatment. Suggestions on how to achieve this included greater use of domestic resources, innovative funding mechanisms and new efficiencies. The UNAIDS 2011 World Aids day report has stated that the number of recipients of AntiRetroviral Therapy (ART) has increased, the number of […]