Statement on ‘Malaria elimination and acceleration towards a malaria-free world’

News - 6 October, 2015

At our ministerial meeting on Malaria elimination in Asia Pacific and Southern Africa that was held between 30 September and 2 October 2015, ministers, leaders and decision makers came together to discuss the elimination and eventual eradication of malaria, agreeing to collaborate, communicate and commit financing to existing political support. Here is their statement: “We, the Ministers, leaders, and decision-makers […]

Working towards malaria elimination – Malaria Day 2015

News - 25 April, 2015

Today marks the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) World Malaria Day 2015. Continuing from the past two years, the theme is ‘Invest in the future: defeat malaria’. In 2013, there were 198 million cases, and 584,000 deaths from malaria, with African children under five years old being the worst affected group. In 2014, 97 countries had […]

Celebrating World Health Day 2014

News - 7 April, 2014

On the 65th World Health Day, we reflect on the challenges posed by vector-borne diseases. Today is World Health Day. An annual event since 1950, the day is used each year to highlight a theme of global importance to health and healthcare. The theme for this year’s World Health Day, the 65th, is vector-borne diseases […]

Pathways to safe medicines: protecting patients through unified global action

News - 12 June, 2013

This conference will examine converging and interoperable solutions that strengthen international cooperation in combating the production and distribution of substandard/spurious/falsely labelled/falsified/counterfeit (SSFFC) drugs. Pathways to safe medicines: protecting patients through unified global action Wednesday 26 – Friday 28 June 2013 (WP1185) As the assault on the global medicine cabinet intensifies, leading decision makers gather to […]

Highlights from 2012

News - 19 December, 2012

Over the past 12 months, we have held events in a number of overseas locations as well as here at Wiston House in Sussex. In this summary, we look back at some of those discussions.  The 2012 programme has been extremely busy facilitating over 50 conferences and meetings. Most of these have been held at […]

World Malaria Day

News - 25 April, 2012

Today is World Malaria Day. Instituted by the World Health Assembly at its 60th session in May 2007, it is a day for recognising the global effort to provide effective control of malaria. Malaria – integration of new tools for zero deaths and elimination Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 February 2012 (WP1141) It is estimated […]

Malaria: new tools for zero deaths and elimination

News - 7 March, 2012

New insecticides, against mosquitos, new drugs and a potential vaccine for children could be game-changers in the fight to tackle malaria. Our recent meeting discussed how these potential tools could be integrated into existing control measures. Malaria: new tools for zero deaths and elimination Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 April 2012 (WP1141) Following on from […]