Breaking the corruption chain

News - 9 December, 2015

International Anti-Corruption Day It is the opponent of the 2013 Lough Erne legacy, the buzzword of international footballing scandals, and a plague to the successful functioning of society worldwide: corruption. The concept itself is notoriously difficult to define; there does not seem to be any one example of corruption, but there are certainly a variety […]

International Day of Democracy

News - 15 September, 2015

Today marks the International Day of Democracy. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007 (A/62/7), the International Day of Democracy aims to encourage governments to strengthen their commitment to the promotion and consolidation of democratic values. This year’s initiative focuses on the role civil society plays within a successful democracy. The theme of […]

Magna Carta, 800 years on

News - 15 June, 2015

Wilton Park reflects upon the legacy of Magna Carta in an international context on its 800th anniversary. Today marks the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, also known as “the Great Charter” and perhaps the most important constitutional document of the United Kingdom. Internationally, this document has profound significance with influence in jurisdictions beyond the sovereign […]

Government and other stakeholders from Burma/Myanmar discuss responsible investment

News - 30 November, 2012

Burma/Myanmar is undergoing rapid change and foreign investors are keen to explore opportunities. The UN’s Guiding Principles on business and human rights provide a framework for companies to operate consistent with human rights standards. Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 November 2012 Burma/Myanmar, business and human rights – setting standards for responsible business (WP1195) In the […]