Beyond our borders: taking Wilton Park’s expertise abroad

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2016 marks 70 years of Wilton Park delivering peace through dialogue.  As the year draws to a close, we are pleased to see our reach has continued to extend far beyond that of our home at Wiston House in the UK, with our expertise being increasingly pulled overseas by partners and policy need.

By the end of 2016 we will have facilitated 12 events abroad, making 2016 one of our busiest years so far for events held around the world. Our diverse range of partners has taken our expertise across continents, convening meetings in cities including Mexico City, Hong Kong and Addis Ababa. Our events cover a range of key foreign policy topics, including defence and security, international development, innovation and entrepreneurship, peacebuilding and public health.

Our transatlantic hub in Washington DC also highlights our continued commitment to working outside of our rural Sussex home.  In a year of huge change across the US political landscape our US hub convened a range of meetings and events on topics as diverse as the future of the UK in Europe and global cybersecurity.

The past three months have been particularly busy for us. Since September we have hosted four overseas events, two of which took place only last week: the first in Malaysia on building a skilled workforce and the second in Brazil on improving the impact of development projects in Africa.

Looking ahead, we are committed to broadening our reach internationally, both in terms of policy and geography, to continue to lead and inform foreign policy thinking.

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