The Jubilee Dialogues – big thinking at the FCO

28 March, 2013

The FCO is committed to leading dialogue and debate on the key issues shaping the world and  has launched ‘The Jubilee Dialogues’ a flagship series of debates bringing together leading thinkers to discuss some of the major drivers behind transformation in societies across the world.

The first event on Monday 25 March, held in association with Wilton Park, focused on the Arab Spring two years on, and how the UK should engage with the Arab world in a time of unprecedented change. Participants included civil society and business leaders, journalists and academics, alongside UK Ministers, researchers and senior officials.

Another two dialogues are planned for Spring and Summer 2013.

We hope that these dialogues will help us to share the insights of our global network with experts both within and outside Government, and hear other perspectives to strengthen our mutual understanding of international issues.


Further information

Inaugural Jubilee Dialogue: Arab Spring two years on

Conference report

The Jubilee Dialogues on Flickr

Second Jubilee Dialogue: Europe and the world in 2023

Third Jubilee Dialogue: How will religion shape foreign policy in the next ten years?


If you would like to know more about the dialogues, please contact Nandini Mackay

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