Programme theme: Defence and security

Demonstrating our long standing commitment to non-proliferation, we convened discussions on The Arms Trade Treaty and the Commonwealth, and events looking specifically at chemical and biological weapons in the shape of 100 years of chemical weapons and the future of the OPCW, hosted at The Hague, and Compliance with the BTWC: strategies towards the 2016 Review Conference. In November we looked at The Australia Group: challenges and future directions which was the latest in a series of work on and with the Australia Group stretching back several years. Our annual December week-long nuclear non-proliferation event on Nuclear non-proliferation: planning for 2020, drew together strands of debate and discussion from throughout the year and began to look ahead to the next NPT Review Conference in 2020.

In broader defence and security, we convened a dialogue in partnership with the Institute for Security Studies on Implementing Africa’s maritime security strategies in Johannesburg, looking at cooperation between states and regional organisations. European security architecture and the challenge posed by Russia continued to be central to our work during 2015-16, with NATO and Russia: managing the relationship focussing on the hard security issues and in early 2016 we ran an event on Challenges to European security: parliamentary perspectives and responses assessing the role for parliamentarians in managing hybrid threats.