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Youth Ambassador Network

Are you interested in foreign policy, international affairs and diplomacy?

The Youth Ambassador Network is a great opportunity for those interested in foreign policy, international affairs and diplomacy to get involved with Wilton Park to hone their skills by becoming a Youth Ambassador and hosting their own events and dialogues. We are looking for ambitious, smart, internationally minded students from a handful of universities to join.

You will have the chance to meet diplomats, policy makers, activists and influencers from around the world as well as other young people who share your interests in foreign policy and public service. You can also learn about how different countries approach issues such as climate change and human rights through discussions with experts at Wilton Park’s events.

You will run your own Wilton Park style events on campus – promoting and practicing open dialogue and strategic conversations around the challenges we face today – and write blogs, social media posts and reports to inform your colleagues at university as well as your broader network.

As a Wilton Park Youth Ambassador, you can:

  • Attend select Wilton Park events (live or online) specific to your studies – allowing you an opportunity for enhanced learning, insight and engagement with those driving policies and making change.
  • Access to all Wilton Park reports and newsletters – keeping you up to date with outcomes, impact and upcoming opportunities.
  • Access dedicated Youth Ambassador Network resources to help you run your dialogues and conversations.
  • Attend Youth Ambassador Network events – allowing you to showcase the impact of your Wilton Park sessions held at your university and beyond.
  • Network with today’s opinion formers and policy makers from the UK and abroad via our exclusive Wilton Park events.
  • Network with likeminded ambitious young Ambassadors across the country.
  • Develop and demonstrate crucial skills in the following areas: event management, leadership, social media and policy writing.
  • After your time as a Youth Ambassador, we offer entry to our Alumni group – Friends of Wilton Park (FoWP).

About Wilton Park

Wilton Park is at the forefront of global policy development. We bring together people from around the world to discuss and develop solutions for critical global issues.

We work with governments, international organisations, civil society groups and individuals to find practical solutions to problems such as climate change, conflict, trade and security.

Our work has helped shape domestic and international policies on everything from nuclear security to sustainable development goals.

Ready to apply?

In this, our inaugural year, we are inviting applications from a handful of universities around the UK. This is to ensure we build the network at a steady and sustainable pace, and make sure that all the students accepted onto the programme have full access to the opportunities described above.

If you are currently studying at Cardiff University, King’s College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, Queens University Belfast, The University of Edinburgh, or The University of Sussex you can apply directly to Wilton Park via this form.

If you are currently studying at another university contact us to register your interest in this scheme.