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Alliance 8.7 strategy workshop (WP1522)


On 21 September 2016, Alliance 8.7 was officially launched in New York. Drawing on a series of regional consultations, an accompanying Vision Document set out the rationale for the Alliance and possible areas of focus to reach the ambitious target 8.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

To progress from the conceptual phase to implementation, partners of Alliance 8.7 convened a three day strategy workshop which had the support of the ILO, IOM, UNU and other UN agencies.

It brought together over 60 critical stakeholders and decision makers who are key to accelerating efforts to eradicate forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour in line with new SDG deadlines. The aims were to:

  • Determine initial Alliance 8.7 priority focus areas and Action Groups to carry these forward
  • Develop an implementation plan for Alliance 8.7 that integrates existing organisational and institutional strategies
  • Provide input into the optimal role and structure of Alliance 8.7

In the lead-up, the Secretariat, currently held by ILO,  circulated a number of background documents. These included several discussion papers on potential priority focus areas and a long form Vision Piece on Alliance 8.7.

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Alliance 8.7 sets course to achieve SDG Target 8.7

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