Below are details of any current vacancies we have along with details of who to contact for each post.

We are an equal opportunities employer. Due to the location of Wiston House in West Sussex, posts based here are not accessible by public transport.

Please note that we do not acknowledge receipt of individual applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. It is not our policy to pay expenses for interviews.

CVs in isolation will not be accepted.



Waitress / Waiter in Food and Beverage department

Purpose of Post
Provide a high quality service at mealtimes during events. To provide support during sales events and pre-event meetings ensuring that guest requirements are handled in a professional, timely and constructive manner.

Application pack

Job application form

Equal opportunities questionnaire

If you are interested in applying for this post, please send your completed application form with equal opportunities questionnaire to by 1700 on Monday 2 April quoting Waitress/Waiter in the subject line. Interviews will take place during April.


Internships at Wilton Park

We currently have no vacancies. Details will be posted on this page as and when future positions arise.

Please note that we do not acknowledge or take action on speculative applications outside of our recruitment windows.


Apprenticeship Scheme

As an Investors in People accredited organisation, Wilton Park has long acknowledged the importance of building for the future and offering development to new talent by providing the opportunity for gaining practical skills through real workplace experience and achieving a work based qualification.

Wilton Park have recently been working in conjunction with Northbrook College and 3aaa to offer a variety of apprenticeships at Wilton Park.

We currently have two apprentices: an Apprentice Chef working towards Level 2 Professional Cookery Diploma and a Digital Media Apprentice working towards Level 4 Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Security Check and fraud database

This job requires Security Check security clearance as a condition of employment. If you are successful at interview, you will be asked to complete a security questionnaire. Employment references will also be obtained. Before a formal offer of appointment can be made this will include checking applicant details against the Cabinet Office Internal Fraud Database (IFD) – see section below.

Cabinet Office Internal Fraud Database (IFD) check

From January 2018, Wilton Park started providing the Cabinet Office with information about employees who have been dismissed for fraud or dishonesty offences. This information is the individual’s name, date of birth, national insurance number and a general description of the relevant misconduct. This also applies to employees who resign or otherwise leave but who, because of an adverse decision by the investigation panel, or decision maker, would have been dismissed for fraud or dishonesty had they continued in employment.

The Cabinet Office input this information onto a database – the Internal Fraud Database (IFD) – and retain it for a period of five years from the date of dismissal (or the date employment ended). It shares with Wilton Park the name, date of birth and national insurance numbers of the staff included on the IFD. Where an applicant is successful in interview, Wilton Park will, as part of its pre-employment screening, check applicant details against the information received from the Cabinet Office. Any applicant who is included in the IFD will be refused employment.


Food hygiene rating