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Programme Directors

Wilton Park has a dedicated team of experts who help to design, convene and facilitate world class policy events.

Mark Smith side shot

Wilton Park’s Programme Directors combine breadth of international relations experience with a capacity to identify and develop emerging themes in policy trends at their very earliest stages. Their backgrounds range from international institutions and the UK civil and diplomatic service to academia, journalism, NGOs, and the private sector.

Alison Hilliard

Alison specialises in ethics and the role of religion in conflict and peace building. Her events’ portfolio also focuses on countering violent extremism, peacebuilding and women, peace and security.

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Alison Hilliard, Wilton Park Programme Director in the Library at Wiston House
Dr Mark Smith, Programme Director

Mark Smith

Mark is Senior Programme Director for security and defence and focuses principally on non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament issues.

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Rich Roberts

Rich’s programme is on security and resilience, specifically strategic stability, responsible space behaviours, climate security and finance for climate resilience, as well as defence and security futures. Rich also leads Wilton Park’s support to UK government bilateral engagements as well as 5-Eyes engagement.

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James Corré

James leads work on climate, energy and the environment. James’ other interests include climate, security and migration; ecosystems, biodiversity and rewilding; and marine policy.

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Aisling Conboy poses for a portrait photo and looks directly at the camera.

Aisling Conboy

Aisling convenes dialogues on the themes of trade, diplomacy and education.

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Samuel Godsland

Sam works on a range of issues across the foreign-policy spectrum, including China and the Indo-Pacific, Transitional Justice, and Counter-terrorism.

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Portrait photo of Sam Godsland, who is looking directly to camera.
Elizabeth Donnelly, Wilton Park Programme Director in the Library at Wiston House

Elizabeth Donnelly

Lizzy convenes policy dialogues on Africa’s partnerships, agency and international relations.

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Associate Programme Directors bring external expertise to enrich Wilton Park’s programmes and provide additional specialist knowledge. They are experts in a wide range of policy areas and use their knowledge and experience to help inform the design of events and to frame outcomes.

Robert Grant, Programme Director

Robert Grant

Robert has a core focus on conflict, stabilisation, peace processes and peacebuilding. His portfolio also includes good governance, the rules-based international system and China’s role within it, Central/Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.

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George Middleton

George’s specialisms include internationalisation, international business development, project management and government relations.

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Myles Wickstead

Myles has a long history of working in international development and diplomacy, with a particular focus on Africa.

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Rob Black

Rob’s interests are focused on the nexus of cyber, intelligence, information operations and warfighting, the legality of cyber operations and the role of influence and deception in cyber

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