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What We Do

We bring together experts, policy makers and decision takers to solve complex global issues.


We create a discreet think-space designed for experts and policy-makers to engage in genuine dialogue with a network of diverse voices, in order to address the most pressing challenges of our time.

Trusted partners

We have a track record of impact stretching back over 75 years. Partners work with and return to us because of our unique ability to provide a forum which challenges existing ideas, generates new ones, and is expertly facilitated. Our partnerships are built on the shared values of mutual trust, genuine support, and a commitment to success.

How we design events

Genuine dialogue

We provide a space that fosters immersive dialogue, where we take the time to explore issues from various angles with diverse expertise.

What people say about us

A secure and welcoming setting

Our secure, tranquil setting, free from the disruptions of everyday life, is an ideal space to have diplomatically sensitive discussions. We provide a secure space to talk, safeguarding sensitive discussions with privacy and the utmost respect for confidentiality.

We sincerely believe in Wilton Park’s abilities in building and connecting more and more global networks, facilitating dialogue and exchange of experiences as well as developing new perspectives to deliver innovation in international policy.

Ambassador Omar Hilale

Ambassador Omar Hilale

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