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Trusted by governments, businesses, and civil society, Wilton Park facilitates conversations that others can’t.

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As an Executive Agency of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Wilton Park is proud to support UK foreign policy development. Wilton Park is both of government and independent from it. It occupies a position that nobody else can.

Why Wilton Park?

Our value is in convening groups from diverse backgrounds and encouraging discussions that wouldn’t otherwise take place. A space for partners to have the open, honest and frank conversations that they are rarely able to have, away from day-to-day pressures and public glare.

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Participants talk at a Wilton Park event
Participants at a Wilton Park dialogue

Our approach

For government, Wilton Park helps to inject external thinking, build networks, promote agreement, and harness expertise that improves policy and provides strategic foresight. For businesses, it provides them with unique insights, a platform to engage with policy discussions and the opportunity to understand governments and make themselves better understood. For civil society groups, Wilton Park supports their representation and coordination so that they can maximise their impacts.

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Our experts

Wilton Park has a dedicated team of experts who help to design, convene and facilitate world class policy events. Our Programme Directors combine breadth of international relations experience with a capacity to identify and develop emerging themes in policy trends at their very earliest stages.

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Alison Hilliard, Programme Director at Wilton Park, chairing a dialogue on Women, Religion and Climate Change at Wiston House, September 2023

Diplomacy and discretion

Wilton Park represents a tradition of discreet and understated diplomacy, focused on policy impact and longevity. There are many areas of Wilton Park’s work that will always remain in the room, where national security and political sensitivity mean that the full nature of the work will never be disclosed. But make no mistake, Wilton Park has huge impact and that’s why it has extensive and longstanding relationships with partners around the world.

I have been participating in conferences at Wilton Park for more than 35 years and every one of those conferences has given me fresh insight and a better understanding of the major issues facing our world.

The Hon. Alice Walpole OBE, United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

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