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Promoting religious freedom around the world [WP1108]


A meeting to identify new ways of supporting religious communities under threat across the world. We looked at how the international community can strengthen its ability to protect religious freedom; building new partnerships between governments, NGOs and religious communities, to enable the exchange of good practice and develop practical proposals for the global promotion and support of freedom of religion and belief. The meeting reflected on the lessons learnt from achievements and missed opportunities of the current international human rights frameworks, anticipating new approaches to promoting and supporting freedom of religion.  Discussions included exploration of theological and cultural factors that drive or inhibit freedom of religion.  Key to the success of the meeting was the generation of fresh ideas and approaches that will better equip policymakers and diplomats to support persecuted or minority faith groups in the practice of their faith.

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View a copy of Human Rights and Democracy: The 2011 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Report

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