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Through the KALEIDOSCOPE: New facets of biosecurity

August 2024 I WP3503



August 2024

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Associate Programme Director
Rob Black

Project Manager
Wendy Head

With the biotech revolution, climate change, rapid urbanization, and increasing drug resistance, biosecurity has changed, and there are new problems on the horizon we need to prepare for. To do that, we need the experts to understand the intersectional issues that government and society will need to grapple with.

Recent reframing of biosecurity (BSS, June 2023) to include complex biological, technological, health, and social threats require the mobilization of new expertise and evidence. Despite current efforts, intersections BETWEEN  areas of interest remain poorly understood, and hold the potential to radically alter future trajectories. KALEIDOSCOPE is a new effort to map these possible intersectional pathways by building a big picture, interdisciplinary community.

The workshop will develop UK expertise and capability in the convergence of biology frontiers, biosecurity, and AMR, opening the door for collaborative research with the US under the new Strategic Dialogue on biosecurity. A white paper informed by the meeting summary and findings will be produced collaboratively amongst stakeholders. The intended audience for this paper will be the CBR CSA Subgroup (biosecurity specific CSAs) and the BLC (who meet two times per year). There is opportunity to also use this paper to increase the focus on biothreats under consideration across NATO.

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