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Wilton Park@LSE: The Future of UK Soft Power

July 2024 I WP3529 



July 2024

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Wilton Park CEO
Tom Cargill

A new government presents an important opportunity for the UK to assess its standing in the international soft power arena and plan strategically to achieve foreign policy aims within an increasingly volatile global context.

The 2023 Integrated Review Refresh set out HMG’s plans to maximise UK soft power assets through working with the British Council and BBC World Service, as well as increasing capability to respond to disinformation.

A report published last year from The UK Soft Power Group (UKSPG) highlights substantial benefits the UK earns from its soft power and sets out several recommendations to increase collaboration between Government and soft power actors to enable the UK to achieve its international ambitions.

This Wilton Park panel discussion at LSE will bring together key soft power actors and experts to examine the current state of play, visions of future UK soft power and key enablers for the UK to maintain and strengthen its position as a significant player in this space.

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