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Women targeted or affected by armed conflict: what role for military peacekeepers? [WP914]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • Strategies and tactics to protect women: where do they originate? What works and why? (eg dpko, srsg, the force leadership or specific troop contributing countries)
  • What do military commanders need from policy makers (resources, stronger mandates, etc) to enable them to protect women?
  • What preparation and training is needed for peacekeepers to understand and respond to the situation of war-affected women?
  • How can the increased engagement of women and presence of gender advisers make protection strategies more effective?

Key points:

  • How can the political and tactical response be strengthened?
  •  How can the security sector, including international peacekeepers, best address these challenges?
  •  How can international commitment to protect women and children from systematic and widespread sexual violence in contemporary conflicts be built among policy makers in troop contributing countries and their counterparts in countries where these violations occur?

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