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James Corré

James leads our work on climate diplomacy.

James Corré with group

James leads our work on climate, energy and the environment, applying Wilton Park’s convening power to challenges in climate diplomacy, green finance, energy policy, adaptation, risk and resilience. Much of our work in this space remains on securing the legacy of the UK’s COP26 Presidency by continuing to support major multilateral initiatives launched over the last two years. In addition to UK government, Wilton Park also works with climate philanthropies, like-minded governments, and partners in civil society and the private sector. James’ other interests include climate, security and migration; ecosystems, biodiversity and rewilding; and marine policy.

James previously spent nearly ten years advising legislators and senior policymakers on climate and energy policy as part of the secretariat of Climate Parliament, a global, cross-party parliamentary network. Earlier posts with the UN Development Programme and International Crisis Group, amongst other organisations, have provided experience of conflict-affected countries. His regional experience includes Africa, particularly the Francophone West and Maghreb, as well as Asia, including India and China.

James holds an M.Phil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, and is keenly engaged with Wilton Park’s work on international development cooperation and humanitarian affairs. He also has a BA(Hons) in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Bristol, and as such takes a strong interest in the role of faith and religious practice in global affairs.

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