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Reinvigorating the response to antimicrobial resistance


Wilton Park and GBC Health are convening a series of dialogues around reinvigorating the response to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

The series aims to provide space for a diverse group of stakeholders to reflect on the current response to AMR, to identify what is needed from different sectoral actors and contribute to fresh thinking on how to reinvigorate this in the years ahead, including in the build-up to the UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) on AMR at UNGA 2024. AMR is a global killer. In 2019 more deaths were the direct result of AMR than HIV and malaria combined. In 2014, the UK’s O’Neill Review estimated AMR would cost the world over a $100 trillion by 2050 and up to 10 million people dying every year. The world saw some improvement in the response following the UN Declaration in 2016, with various initiatives established. Many gains that had been achieved were subsequently lost during the COVID-19 pandemic with AMR also losing its place as a political priority. As an enduring global threat, there is pressing need to reinvigorate the response to AMR placing this back on the political agenda. By bringing together stakeholders, including policy makers, the private sector, academia and civil society, this series aims to provide space for the AMR community to strategize on how to reprioritise AMR on the political agenda. The discussions seek to complement and support other ongoing efforts, including those by the Quadripartite, Global Leaders Group and others.

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