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Diet and nutrition: challenges for global food, agricultural and land use policy


By dxw

With a billion people suffering from under nutrition and obesity respectively, how can the world’s diet be improved? This is the focus of Wilton Park’s next meeting in its series on global food, agriculture and land use.

Improving diet and nutrition: challenges for global food, agricultural and land use policies

Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 April 2012 (WP1157)

More than a decade into the 21st century a billion people suffer from under nutrition, whilst the same number again is affected by obesity and diet related ill health. While governments, the international community and civil society organisations continue to grapple with global food security, our meeting will examine the role of nutrition in supporting healthy and sustainable diets.

We will consider what can be done to achieve nutritional security, exploring this within the context of huge global variations in under/over nutrition and malnutrition. Reference will be made to a world of changing climate, finite resources and unyielding population growth.  Discussion will also focus on what policies are required to create sustainable agricultural practices and land use policies to support healthier and sustainable diets.

Our meeting is the third in the series on ‘Agricultural, food and land use: the international policy challenges’, an initiative in association with the University of Exeter. Previous conferences have addressed the volatility of world’s food system and global land use, attracting world experts in these fields.

Building on past discussions, this year’s meeting will include a range of eminent figures in diet and nutrition and global agricultural policies including:

  • Sir John Beddington, UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor
  • Francesco Branca, Director of the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development at World Health Organisation
  • Boitshepo Giyose, Food and Nutrition Security Advisor to the New Partnership for Africa’s Development
  • Manoj Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Naandi Foundation
  • Professor Zhai Fengying, Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety China, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Managing Vice President of the Chinese Nutrition Society, Beijing
  • Tim Smith, Chief Executive, Food Standards Agency UK. 

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