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Global food, agriculture and land use: sharing insights from our series


By dxw

After the end of our three year, six part conference series on global food and agriculture systems, we launch a set of resources to share what we learned.

What challenges are facing global food systems? How can global food production be made more efficient? What can be done to eradicate hunger and improve nutrition? How can access to land for those who need to use it be assured?

Our six part conference series on Global food, agriculture and land use concluded in October 2013. Since then, we have been exploring the key insights we heard about during the series and collating a variety of resources for wider release.

We are delighted to launch this set of resources today.

The resources stored on this page jointly represent a synthesis of six conferences, held over three years. Over 170 individuals participated, with over 100 speakers and facilitators presenting their thinking or otherwise assisting discussions. We gathered a global constituency, with 39 different nationalities represented over the life of the series.

The meeting reports and case study document contain a lot of material of interest to practitioners, policy makers and experts from the private and voluntary sectors. Tackling price volatility; finding sustainable policies for land use; the global improvement of diet and nutrition; the role of science and technology in food security; the creation of resilient agriculture systems; and the empowerment of people – all are discussed within the documents stored here.

Numerous organisations supported the series through financial partnership. We would like to thank our core funders, Associated British Foods and the Small Foundation for supporting all of the six meetings in the series. The International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council, Cargill, Tesco Plc, Crop Life International, the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, the Charities Aid Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs all supported individual conferences. This body of work would not have been possible without their generous contributions.

We are planning to build on this successful series with more work on global food, agriculture and land use. If you or your organisation would like to be a part of this exciting new project, please get in touch.

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