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Angela Merkel’s London visit – Wilton Park’s contribution to UK-German relations


By dxw

On 27 February 2014, Angela Merkel became the latest foreign dignitary to address the British Parliament. Amid fears across Germany that Britain may soon leave the EU, Merkel’s speech featured the benefits of the UK remaining in the EU and her intentions on keeping it strong for the future, “United and determined we can defend our European economic and social model in the world.”

In context, Wilton Park has several upcoming events that focus on the Anglo-German relationship and the European question.

The annual British-German Forum for young leaders will focus on, A smarter Europe: cooperation, competition and innovation in the 2020s, from 13 – 17July 2014. This programme picks up on the themes from Merkel’s speech, theme centred on Europe’s transition from conflict to contemporary cooperation and competition. Established by Chancellor Kohl and Margaret Thatcher in 1985, the British-German Forum has been an annual Wilton Park event. Nominations are welcome from British and German nationals aged 25-35, please see details on our website.

In June 2014 we will hold the second conference in a series of meetings jointly organised with the Bertelsmann Stiftung. Discussion will focus on the creation and maintenance of skilled workforces in the UK and Germany and the lessons each country can offer the other.

The first meeting in this series, held in Berlin in May 2013, examined the nature of public policy in the perspective of demographic aging.

Further information

Conference: Supporting competitiveness and innovation: how to create the workforce of the future in the UK and Germany?

Conference:  British German Forum 2014 A smarter Europe: cooperation, competition and innovation in the 2020s