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Carnegie Corporation to fund two conferences on Peacebuilding in Africa


By dxw

A major grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York, will enable a two meetings on African Peacebuilding in partnership with the African Peacebuilding Network, New York, and the African Leadership Centre, Nairobi.

Peacebuilding in Africa: evolving challenges, responses and new thinking

February 2015 (WP1358)

With the emergence of new conflict actors and the changing dynamics of conflict in Africa, the peacebuilding landscape in the continent has shifted dramatically. People-led popular uprisings and the rise of highly mobile insurgent groups are replacing coups d’état. Furthermore, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and MEND demonstrate the trend towards asymmetrical conflicts pitting non-state actors against states and civilians.

In a context where post-war peace tends to unravel within the first decade of the signing of a peace agreement, peacebuilding frameworks need to keep pace with the nature of today’s conflict.

The grant awarded by Carnegie Corporation of New York will enable Wilton Park and partners to hold two conferences over two years. The first, to be held at Wilton Park in February 2015, will draw together researchers, policy analysts and actors in peacebuilding in Africa and global spaces to present leading debates on peacebuilding. Whilst assessing the quality and effectiveness of current interventions, participants will discuss a range of case studies, gaining an understanding of alternative and innovative peacebuilding initiatives with a view to move away from the rigid state-centric formula of conflict response.

Building on the first event, the second gathering will be held in the region itself for the dissemination of ideas discussed earlier into a broader network. Encouraging knowledge transfer between scholars, policy makers and grantees, this event seeks to contribute to the reshaping of the peacebuilding agenda, bringing tangible change on the ground in Africa.

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