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Breaking the cycle of rural poverty


By dxw

In light of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and World Food Day 2015: breaking the cycle of rural poverty we look back to our significant Global food agriculture and land use series and ahead to our next potential series on agriculture.

Looking back

6 conferences

3 years

170 participants

100 speakers and facilitators

39 different nationalities

Our Global food agriculture and land use series was just that – global. We discussed multiple issues such as land use, diet, volatile pricing and production and the challenges posed by climate change on food production.

We concluded that food security and malnutrition remained a huge threat to sustainable development and continued progress towards the MDGs but highlighted many innovative examples to combat this. Two years on the world now looks to break this cycle of rural poverty through the renewal of these goals in the form of the recently published MDGs.  Many of the case studies shared during our series continue to provide current solutions.

Looking ahead

We are looking to support and reflect these global ambitions through the development of a new conference series. This could focus on the impacts of climate change on global agriculture – now more relevant than ever – and how to support small agricultural businesses to provide sustainable livelihoods for rural populations, examining how farmers can be better connected to markets, and also benefit from the R&D emerging to meet the threats posed by changes to climates.

Early stages planning is underway and we are welcoming ideas and support for what we hope will be another series with significant impacts.

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