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75 years of solving global challenges

Wilton Park was born in 1946, in the aftermath of the destruction, conflict and nationalism of World War II. It was created along with many other post-war institutions like the United Nations, NATO and G20 – all seeking to rebuild life with a co-operative response to global issues and crises. By working together, debating the difficult issues, and finding consensus, calm eventually came from chaos.

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During our 75th year, the world again feels like an uncertain place. We are still in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Talk of what a post-pandemic world might look like is emerging but in reality, it is still largely unknown. Many of the global fault lines that already existed have been re-exposed and deepened and most people and governments hope for ‘something better’.

It is in that context that the need for Wilton Park and its innovative approach has never been greater.

A proud legacy

For 75 years, we have been a force for good around the world. We have bought together the right people and partners in effective dialogue, to help progress issues of global importance. We have helped make the world a safer and fairer place.

Our key achievements highlight how even the most difficult issues can be progressed with the right approach. Delivering impact and meaningful solutions underpins all that we do.

Looking to the future

What will the next 75 years bring? Articulating a new future that is shared across the globe should be a key outcome of the pandemic.

We want to help develop an optimistic and ambitious view of the future. By starting a conversation with partners, friends and those new to Wilton Park, we want to distil the issues that matter most and identify the areas where the Wilton Park approach can add most value.

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We’ll continue to work around the UK, across the world and virtually, leveraging our global networks to convene the brightest and best minds in safe, welcoming, and impartial environments.

We’ll strengthen our valued networks with the Friends of Wilton Park, an exclusive network of Wilton Park participants, and the Youth Ambassador Network, linking to youth leaders around the globe and capturing their vision of what they want the world to look like for the next 75 years.

Since 1946, we have pursued our objective to address and resolve global challenges. This remains our objective and we will continue to do that by building and curating trusted global networks to stay at the forefront of global policy development. 

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