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Wilton Park Advisory Council (WPAC)

Purpose of the Advisory Council

The Council is led by the Chair of the Wilton Park Board. Its task is to ensure that we meet the highest intellectual standards and maintains its reputation as a global centre of excellence.

The Council checks that the programmes are relevant to global issues and situations and monitors the quality of delivery.


The Council consists of a wide range of experienced individuals drawn from members of parliament, the academic world, the media, trade unions, business, non-governmental organisations and institutions concerned with international relations.

Members are appointed for three years with the possibility of a second three year term. Open advertisements are placed in the press to attract new Council members.

The appointments are made by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) on the advice of the Wilton Park Board. Membership is not remunerated but reasonable travel and other expenses are reimbursed.



  • Advise the chief executive and her senior staff on the selection of themes, speakers, participants, and ensure that a proper balance is maintained in the programme;
  • Monitor the follow-up and delivery of longer term objectives that might flow from Wilton Park programmes;
  • Provide practical experience and advice on partnerships with other organisations and on fundraising;
  • Advise the FCDO on constitutional, ethical, philosophical and other questions that may arise from the work of Wilton Park

Individual members

  • Advise the chief executive and the programme directors on issues relevant to the Advisory Council member’s experience and expertise;
  • Participate in appropriate conferences, in particular chairing sessions and work groups;
  • Promote awareness and support for Wilton Park within their professional networks; assisting in the identification of speakers and participants for individual events. 

The Advisory Council meets formally twice a year and as sub groups focused on specific issues or topics. Members are also expected to be available for individual discussions, attendance at conferences, and consultation by telephone.

Advisory Council members