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Complaints policy


Wilton Park aims to deliver the best possible service to all our customers and partners and is committed to ensuring effective procedures for handling complaints about our products or services which are both well established and widely known across the organisation.

Where customers and/or partners (or indeed anyone else) are not happy or completely satisfied with our products or services, this Complaints Policy sets out how we will handle and respond to the complaint.

We are committed to:
  • taking all comments and complaints seriously and investigating them proportionately and appropriately.
  • ensuring that all staff are aware of the Complaints Policy and are clear about their responsibilities when reporting, handling and working to resolve a complaint.
  • apologising when a mistake has been made, explaining what has happened and what will be done next.
  • taking action to remedy situations wherever practical; and
  • drawing upon customer complaints and feedback, to identify how we can improve our services.
We aim:
  • to acknowledge receipt in a timely manner and to respond fully to complaints within twenty working days from receipt (if the complaint is not resolved in the initial response). If it is not possible to do so within 20 days, we will advise the complainant of the delay and keep them updated on progress.
  • if the complainant is dissatisfied with our response, we will escalate it to Wilton Park’s Senior Management Team (SMT) to consider the complaint further.
  • to send a secondary response, taking into account advice from the SMT; and
  • If the complainant is still dissatisfied with our response, we will advise them of who to contact in Strategy Directorate in the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) as our sponsoring Department.
How to complain:

Please follow this link to provide details of your complaint. The inbox to which complaints are sent is monitored on a daily basis and your complaint or question will be passed immediately to the relevant person – who will then follow the process set out in our Aims section above.

Wilton Park will review this policy statement annually to reflect new legal and regulatory developments and ensure good practice.

This policy statement was reviewed and approved by Tom Cargill, Chief Executive, in August 2023, this policy will be reviewed again in August 2024.

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