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NATO and Russia: what next? (WP1470)

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference marked an aggressive change in posture for the Russian Federation.

US flag

Obama’s speech to UK youth – “Seek out people who don’t agree with you”

During his recent visit to the UK, President Obama spoke to an invited audience of young people, and urged them to share his optimistic outlook on politics. He called on them to “reject pessimism, cynicism and know that progress is possible”. Obama argued that out of all historical ages, the 21st century would be the best time to be born into the world, especially taking into account improvements in the rights of women and minorities.

Maintaining human rights in the mainstream

Wilton Park’s Chief Executive Richard Burge was part of a panel launching the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Human Rights and Democracy Report.

Illegal drugs that have been seized

Wilton Park and UNGASS 2016: reassessing modern international drugs policy

In November 2015 more than thirty countries and institutions met at Wilton Park for a preliminary roundtable meeting in preparation for UNGASS 2016 which was held between April 18 and April 21 in Vienna this year. Pressure for a reassessment of drug control has grown in countries across the globe since the last UNGASS on drug policy in 1998.

Disrupting cities through technology: an ongoing conversation (WP1449)

The 21st century has been dubbed by many as the era of technology, with new innovations and fresh uses for existing technologies constantly being developed and utilised. These advances can provide ground breaking opportunities in various different sectors and industries.

Three women stood in front of a Wilton Park banner stand

Peacebuilding in Africa: persistent challenges, sustainable solutions (WP1417)

We were delighted to host the second in a series of events on Peacebuilding in Africa in Addis Ababa. The event was held in…

Chef using a blow torch on a tray of Crème Brulee

A sixteenth century house with 21st century talent – Wilton Park marks National Apprentice Week

The latest addition to our dedicated team of in-house chefs is Apprentice Chef, Max Simmons, who gives us an insight into his scheme and future…

Conference participants who attended the first event at Wiston House

65 years of Wilton Park at Wiston House

2016 marks not one, but two milestones for Wilton Park. Whilst we celebrate 70 years of existence as a diplomatic institution, we also mark our…

Logo of Wilton Park for the 70th Anniversary

Wilton Park begins to celebrate its 70th anniversary year

Two homes, one institution. Over the past 70 years Wilton Park has added its own successes to the rich history of Foreign & Commonwealth Office diplomacy.

The contribution and challenges of migrants

Today, the world recognises International Migrants Day, celebrating the diversity, culture and economic gains that migrants bring to countries as they pursue better lives…