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Accountability and reconciliation: what do they look like in the 21st century? (WP1732)

Accountability and reconciliation are essential elements in the transition from autocracy and conflict to democracy, peace and the rule of law. But they are hard to achieve, and often look very different in practice from the ideal. This Wilton Park dialogue, organised in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will bring together experts in the field to explore these challenges, drawing on their own personal experiences and reflecting on lessons from a range of contexts.

This three-day dialogue will address themes such as: forms of justice, both formal and informal; atrocities committed by state and non-state actors; what accountability in ethnic conflict has looked like, community reconciliation and victim support; the role of international actors. We will draw on what worked well in specific cases, and what could be improved in future accountability and reconciliation scenarios.

The conference will gather participants from a variety of countries and contexts with knowledge of accountability and reconciliation, to address the key issues and challenges involved in these processes. This discussion will provide space for experts and practitioners to shed light on examples of accountability and reconciliation, which will inform wider policy development.

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